The camps are well and truly established. In the red corner we have yes-www and in the blue corner we have no-www. But who should we back? Having recently spent some time reorganizing my IT estate, I can certainly say that from what I experienced, there is definitely a clear winner…

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Running a local development environment can be confusing at the best of times. Multiple projects all competing for attention can make the process of organising your projects quickly bog down your productivity. In this post, I show you how to streamline your productivity by creating local domain addresses for your projects.

We are going to be creating a URL that is mapped to your projects public folder and will allow you to make calls to

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URL SEO Best Practices

It seems rather fitting that the first post of my new blog will cover SEO tactics for URLs. Its an area that I have working knowledge of but with the ever changing Search Engine Ranking Factors its something I find I constantly need to check-up on. This post is aimed at trying create a current reference guide to URL SEOs.

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